The Toques & Canapés experience: A must!

Hi guys,

Last week I had the chance to go to, in my opinion, the best event of the year. I am not even exaggerating, I can’t remember the last time I went to a PR event and had that much fun!

The event was at the brand new Académie Culinaire in St-Roch in Quebec city. They recently moved there and renovated their offices and let me say, they are stunning. For those of you who don’t know, the Académie Culinaire is a cooking school for everyone. They also offer pre-made dishes for those of you who like to eat homemade lunches but don’t always have the time. They also have a super cute selection of fine products.


This special night was to celebrate the launch of their new group cooking class activity which is named Toques & Canapés and I had the chance to experience it. The concept is simple, you come in with a bunch of your friends, two chefs are waiting for you with wine and easy and tasty recipes that you are going to make during the night. The group will be divided into two stations, each with one chef, where you are going to make two dishes to share with the entire group. Each station lasts for about 45 min and there is a total of 2 during the night. That night, I had the chance to taste different types of sushis, tartar, dumplings, falafels, and much more. I left the kitchens feeling soooo full. This type of night is perfect for a birthday party, a friends night and more! Even if you are not a cooking pro, the chefs are there to help you and guide you through every step.

If you want to reserve your night:

The next classes are on October 4 and October 25!

I totally recommend trying this out with your friends and family and I can assure you that everyone is going to have an amazing time.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog post!

See you soon,


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