2017 Highlights

Hi guys!

For our first blog post of 2018 we decided to present you our favorite moments of 2017. 2017 was a great year for us with a lot of fun experiences like traveling together, attending super fun events and working with brands that we really love. We are so grateful for all of the opportunities that this year brought us and we hope that 2018 will be as challenging and fun as last year was.


One of the first memory we had the chance to make was at the beginning of the year when we decided to leave for two weeks to the sunny Orlando, Florida. We relaxed by the beach, caught some sunburns (oops), visited the 4 Disney parks (and took some pictures with Mikey, cause we are still 4 haha) and ate so much food.

Our spontaneous get-aways

It is always fun to have a little girls weekend to relax and have a blast! It doesn’t have to be very far from home to feel like you are away. We particularly love to discover new places (especially places to eat because we are always hungry) and just wander around cities, discovering the different neighbourhoods and little shops.


Particularly this year, we were invited to different types of events. From Womance to Nuda without forgetting by La Champagnerie, it is always a blast to encourage brands and shops we love. These events also are the perfect opportunity to meet other people in the industry and we have a good time meeting other bloggers since we get to talk about the same things we are passionate about.

Hosting our first event

This year we collaborated with Bestseller, which was so fun ! With this collaboration, they gave us the chance to host our first event in their store. It was a weird but amazing feeling seeing our name on every poster and the looks that we created exposed in the store. We didn’t have as many people as we were expecting but we need to start somewhere don’t we?

Meeting new brands

It is always fun to have the chance to work with brands that you love and we feel like this year we were super lucky with our collabs. Marciano, Bestseller, Ivy Boutique and Nuda were some of them and we will always be grateful for their trust towards our work.

Creative shoots

We also had the opportunity to shoot with very talented photographers who allowed us to step outside of our comfort zone and explore our more creative side. The editorial shoot we did later in the year with Valérie Laroche is still one of our favorites up to this day. We really hope to have some other opportunities like this one in 2018!

So this is it for our favorite moments of 2017! We really hope that you guys are as excited as we are for this new year because we have many projects and fun adventures that we want to share with you. We hope your 2018 is filled with amazing moments! Thank you for encouraging us all throughout the year!

See you soon,


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