A Weekend in NYC

Hi guys !

A couple weeks ago I went to New York City for a few days and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites places with you. I mainly visited the parts of the city I had never really been before, which were DUMBO, Soho and Greenwich Village.

I hope you enjoy this little travel diary filled with a bunch of really amazing spots that you might want to check out next time you are in the city !

The High Line



The High Line is definitely one of my favorite spots in the city since it allows you to walk through the Lower East Side and Chelsea really easily. You get amazing sights, both of New Jersey and the city,  from this old train rail converted in an elevated green path walk.



There is also a lot of art and little details all the way along the High Line, like this giant mural. You could walk through the path a thousand times and still find a little something new every time because of the many sculptures and figurines all along the way.



There are a lot of green spaced all along the High Line, which I really loved. It has a really different vibe from the city below. It is really calm, there are a lot of beautiful plants, resting areas and sunbathers in the summer which makes it really entertaining.


As I said, up on the High Line you get some of the most beautiful views of the heart of the city.

Soho & Greenwich Village


I loved walking through Soho for its typical New York architecture. Mercer and Bleecker Street were fun to walk along. We stopped in a bunch of art galleries and little shops, as well as more famous ones. We also found the best food in those neighbourhoods ! There is so much choice and everything is very trendy. It is the perfect place to spend your night since there is a lot of little music venues and places to go get a drink.



My two favorite places were Oatmeal, where you can get any kind you want, for breakfast or lunch. They even make some with cheese and tomatoes ! The other restaurant I absolutely loved was by Chloe., a vegan restaurant where you can get the best fries and burgers. Don’t forget to also make a stop at the famous Magnolia Bakery and La Durée for a dessert to die for !

DUMBO & Brooklyn


We decided to rent a bike in the Financial District and rode it on the Brooklyn Bridge to DUMBO and Brooklyn, where we strolled for a while. It was a really fun activity and we got to see pretty sights, like this spot you might recognize if you’re a Gossip Girl fan !




I really like strolling through the Brooklyn Bridge park because of the breathtaking view you had of the city but also because of the vibe of the park. Families were hanging out, preparing barbecues in communal spaces, there was a very big outdoor space to go practice almost any kind of sport and a lot of people were walking along the river.



Central Park and the Upper East Side




We ended our little trip with a stroll around Central Park and Fifth Avenue, which is always very fun and a must see.

I hope you guys enjoyed and that it gave you some ideas for the next time you’re in New York City !

See you next time,


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