Fun events for great companies in Quebec

Hey guys! In today’s blog post we decided to give you a sneak peek into the events we went to recently.

Menz Club 

Tuesday May 30th was the opening of the second Menz Club salon. If you are already familiar with this salon, the one located in the Edifice Delta in Laurier is, in fact, a Menz Club Signature wich offers a more luxurious service than his big brother located in Lebourgneuf. Like the owner Ophelia-Anna Nagar explained to us the night of the event, her salon is dedicated to men. She wants to offer them a time to pamper themselves, similar to when we go for a girls day and go get our nails and hair done for a special event. The services are offered in the form of a menu, so you can choose your main service and add extras if you want to. From facials to a hair cut and to beard trimming, they offer something for every type of man and for different needs. So, if you want to spoil a man that is important for you, we totally recommend booking an appointment for them in one of the two Menz Club ! He’ll totally love the lounge vibe and the amazing service.

Womance Pop-up Shop

More recently, on monday the 12th, we were invited to the launch of the Quebec instalment of the Womance tour. For those of you who don’t don’t yet, Womance is an online fashion boutique created by Andréanne Marquis, a young entrepreneur. For the time of the tour, Womance is stepping out of the web and coming in different cities in the province of Quebec, starting with Quebec City. If you want to take a look at the amazing clothes and accessories available, they there are still located in Place de la Cite for a couple of days, ending the 25th. But if you are not from Quebec City, don’t worry because you will have the chance to take a look at their super cute and fashionable collection in Rimouski (July), Montreal (August), Trois-Rivieres (September), Gatineau (October), Riviere-du-Loup (November), Quebec City (December), Brossard (March), Bathurst (April) and in Repentigny (May). Go check it out !

We love to talk to you guys about companies that are expanding and that were built in our province. We hope you enjoyed !

See you soon,


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