SubZero Sports

Hi guys,

Today we have a very special post in collaboration with a young brand created in Quebec city. In this blog post, we are going to present it to you and give you a small review of it.

SubZero Sports is a male and female clothing brand based in Quebec created by Daniel-Eric Almog, Vincent Zampieri Blackburn and Brendon Drouin Doyon. The idea behind the brand is to offer affordable clothes that are perfect for practicing any sport. In fact, the creators of Sub Zero realized that there is a lot of small brands creating pieces mostly for style, thus that were not designed to practice physical activities. This is where the idea of SubZero submerged and they decided to create high quality and affordable pieces perfect for a street style look but also ideal for a football practice.

As a matter of fact, after only 7 months, the company seeked for athletes like Olivier Paquet-Brissonare (player for the Carabin of Montreal) and Alexandre Giguère-Roy (Culturiste, rugby player at Cegep Limoilou) wearing their merchandise. After wearing them the day of the shooting, we totally understand why they adopted their clothes so fast! They are so comfortable and soft, we totally recommend trying them out.

As you can see, the logo of the brand is made out of the junction of an “S” and a “z” to create an hourglass where there is not much time left. They want to remind us that life is a question of time and if you want to do something do it now, which is something you can apply in any sport.

Go check their Facebook page:

Also, the owners wanted to give a special thank you to the people who helped them on different aspect of their brand.

Christophe Renaud/Photographer

Joé Hudon/Videographer et Photographer

Danaelle Nadeau/mannequin

Clara Trottier/mannequin

Jade Godbout/mannequin

Sarah-Maude Lortie/mannequin

Roxanne Harvey/Photographer

Lisa Marie Cusson/mannequin











Thank you for reading and don’t forget to go check them out!

See you soon,


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