The NUDA experience

Hi guys,

Today we have a super exciting blog post for you!

We are glad to present to you a new brand that just launched their products on March 15. We had the chance to try them before the launch and we are totally in love. Before NUDA, we had never been spray tanned or had never tried any tanning product because we were afraid that the result would look orange or uneven. When NUDA approached us to try their tanning products, we decided to give a try. We were so impressed by the results! Our tan looks like we spent 3 weeks on a beach in Mexico. Trust us guys, when you try the NUDA spray tan, you will never want to stay pale during winter again.

Here are some pictures with our beautiful NUDA tan!














Let’s talk a bit more about the brand!

As we said, NUDA is a network of specialists in airbrush tanning. As of right now, the day after the launch, the experience is offered in three different beauty salons in Quebec City. By now, you might be wondering how it works and what distinguishes NUDA from spray tans. Firstly, the NUDA products are vegan, cruelty-free and are made with ingredients from natural origin, such as aloes, vitamins A,C & E and tea. Also, the NUDA team created an all over experience that lasts around 20 minutes. Rather than being spray tanned in a cabin, a specialist uses a machine and controls the amount of airbrush product that goes on to your skin. This way, you get an even and natural tan all over your body!


Here is all the equipment needed to provide you with this amazing experience! As you can see, you get pampered from start to beginning, with the silky robe, the remarkable products used and a guide to follow so you can take good care of your tan to make it last as long as possible. Normally, the tan will stay on for around 10 days.

Also, when you come in for your first airbrush tan, the specialist evaluates which color would suit you best and be the most natural. They have three shades to choose from: Latte, Moka and Espresso. They can also mix them to create the perfect shade since everyone has its own different pigmentation.

Overall we totally recommand trying the NUDA experience. You will feel pampered and super confident with your new fresh tan.

Also, go check out the two owners of the brand @mahayyy and @genevievebeaulieu who totally inspired us to continue working as hard as we are. They are as well two best friends creating their own project, which we think is why we totally felt a connection with the brand from the very beginning!

For more information on NUDA, go check out their fabulous website !

Hope you enjoyed 😊


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