Our 4 Go-to Outfits for Fall

Hey guys,

For today’s post we decided to show you 4 fall outfits that include our staple pieces for this season ! Fall is such a fun time of the year if you want to experiment with fashion so we had a lot of fun coming up with these outfits.

As you are going to see, we are in love with the over the knee boots trend. In fact,  we bought the same pair and both wore them in this post !

Keep reading to discover the other trends that we are adopting this fall. Don’t forget to tell us wich one is your favorite !

Suede on Suede

For this look I opted for a suede skirt and my suede over the knee boots. I think that this type of fabric screams fall ! I paired those with an off-the-shoulder sweater. The off-the-shoulder trend was all over Instagram this summer so when I found this shirt I was really excited to style it for fall. To complete the look I wore a velvet choker to add a little touch of color to this all black outfit.







Shop the Look

Off-the-shoulder top / H&M

Skirt / Zara

Boots / Aldo

Choker / Aldo

Sunnies / Supa Sunday

Coat / Compania Fantastica

The Knit Dress

The knit dress is definitely my personal favorite trend for this fall. I love how you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion, but can also wear it many different ways to be appropriate for the weather. Where we live, the temperature can change quite often in the beginning of fall so knit dresses make it a lot easier. My favorite ways to wear them are with over the knees boots and thighs for the colder days or with a scarf and ankle booties for the warmer ones.






Shop the look

Knit dress / Bestseller

Scarf / Garage

Ankle booties / Le Château

Oh, Bomber Jacket!

This is my favorite way to wear dresses in the fall. The turtle neck and the length of it is perfect for the weather. By adding this pink bomber jacket and theses sneakers I am able to make this outfit a lot more casual and perfect for a day at school.






Shop the look

Dress / Bestseller Store

Bomber Jacket / Bestseller Store

Sneakers / Nike

Casual Look with a Twist

For this last look, I wanted to show you guys a way to dress down knee high boots. Paired with jeans, they are perfect for a chill day out or a school day. I am also in love with rain coats so I thought pairing the two together would create an outfit that screamed my name !





Shop the look

Sweater / Bestseller

Raincoat / Ralph Lauren

Jeans / American Eagle

Knee high boots / Aldo

We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorites for this season ! Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts, ideas and your personal essentials in the comment section.

Have a great week !


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