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Today we are very happy to present you our collaboration with 437 Swimwear ! Back at the beginning of august, we had a conference call with one of the co-founder of this amazing brand. She talked to us a bit about their company and we sincerely fell in love with their brand. The history behind it and the values their promote really touched us and we really felt like we related with the girls. It is why we are so excited to partner with them for this blog post! We truly encourage you guys to check their products out at ! They have a lot of new ideas and projects coming soon and we couldn’t be more excited to support a developing brand. We can’t wait to see what they will come up with in the future !

In today’s blog post, we are going to present you guys two swimsuit styles we really like as well as a little Q&A with the founders of 437, @hilanayeri and @adrienbettio.

We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out their website, Facebook page and Instagram !

Q & A

What inspired you to start your own brand?

We love the idea of living a really simple and laid back life by the water. The time we spent vacationing on the Amalfi coast in Italy was such a spectacular experience that it really prompted us to finally make the move and do what we had been taking about for a long time; starting a swimwear line.


How and when did you first have the idea of 437 Swimwear?

We’ve been talking about it on and off since our second year of university. We are both commerce students, so the idea of starting a business together was something we both had in the back of our minds.


How long has it been since you started the actual company? 

As we mentioned, this has been something we have been thinking about for quite a long time, so it’s hard to pinpoint when the company really started!


 What does the number ‘437’ stand for in your brand’s name?

We chose 437 for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s the address number for the house we share together! We also love how simple and unique having a swimwear company centered around a numerical name is. Lots of brands choose to do something relating to the ocean or tropical sounding, and although we contemplated this while deciding on a name, we ultimately thought that 437 did a better job of personifying the minimal and simple brand we wanted to create.


What is the message that you want to send out to girls with your swimsuits?

We are trying to send out a few messages to girls who wear our suits. In terms of fashion, we want to demonstrate that sometimes less is more. There’s something so sexy and effortless about wearing a swimsuit that is pared down and simple. In terms of the messages we want the brand to communicate, we want to show the importance of close friendships because that’s a central idea for what the brand was based on. We want our customers to be able to reach out to us anytime about anything. When they are part of the #437family they really do become part of our family and we will always be there for them.


What can we wish for the future of your brand? Would you girls like your line to be sold in stores or would you prefer it becoming a well established online-only swimsuit store?

We think there are a lot of great possibilities for 437 going forward. Right now we want to focus our energy on being a strong online brand. However in the future, we would definitely consider showcasing our line in stores that we love.


Have we been involved with any other fashion brand?

Both of us have had exposure to the fashion industry that has really helped us while starting the brand. AB has spent a couple seasons at the German luxury label Hugo Boss, while HN has worked in marketing for Athletic giant Nike.


 What would you say is your main source of inspiration when it comes to creating a new swimsuit style?

The biggest inspiration behind our swimwear is the simplicity of life on the Italian and Greek coasts. We know we keep coming back to our time in Europe, but it was truly the most inspiring experience for us! The idea of simplicity is why we’ve stayed away from prints in our designs, opting instead to produce solid coloured suits. We also both just really appreciate a minimalist aesthetic. It’s the approach we each take in our own wardrobe and we wanted to extend that look to our swimwear.


There are quite a lot of online companies who sell swimwear on the market right now. What are the peculiarities that make ‘437 Swimwear’ stand out?

The biggest standout, ironically, is how simple it is. The simplicity comes off as effortlessly sexy and sophisticated, which is why it is such a staple bikini that every girl needs. We’ve also made an effort to ensure our prices are affordable compared to other swimwear brands, which obviously makes 437 accessible to more girls. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we genuinely care about our customers, and want to cultivate a community of loving girls, aka the #437family.


Do you have any tips to share with people who are thinking of creating their own brand or starting a new business?

Our biggest tip is literally to just start it right now, don’t wait. People get stuck in a trap of sitting down and thinking about an idea for months or years and never end up doing it. Just get started now and then fix the kinks along the way.


If you work with your best friend, make sure that they know that when it’s business time, it’s business time. Sometimes it’s weird to delegate a task to your best friend, but if you’re in a business together, you each need to be able to tell the other party what to do and be ok with that. On the flip side, starting a business with your best friend is extremely fun because we can FaceTime each other while we are in our bra and undies (with a face-mask on) and have quick business check-ins. It’s super fun! It also gives us an excuse to literally spend 24/7 together.

The Swimsuits













A big thank you to the beautiful Laura for beeing in this post ! Go check her out on Instagram @laura.polo

Hope you enjoyed

See you next time,


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