Special Announcement with WellDunn Jewelry !

Hi guys!

Today we have something to share with you that is a little bit different and very exciting. A couple of weeks ago, wellDunn, a Montreal based company created in 2012 by Dominique Dunn, contacted us and asked if we would be interested to collaborate with them for the launch of their new collection. We immediately responded positively, having discovered the brand a few months ago when we worked with Sensas. We had the chance to pick out some of their jewelry during that collab and totally fell in love with the brand. The pieces really made our outfits stand out and the quality was so great that we instantly became obsessed. That is why we are really happy to present to you their new Fall/Winter 2016 collection ‘Folk’!

‘Folk’ is a collection made for travellers at heart and is a mix of bohemian, retro and exotic vibes. On some of the pieces you can find moons and charms, on others you can see the inspiration from Indian as well as Egyptian culture and on some you can find suede details, giving the collection a little bit of a western style. What makes this collection unique is the fact that all the pieces are different in style, which makes it easy for anybody to find something they feel like represents them.

These pieces are the perfect way to spice up your minimalist outfit. You can mix and match the different styles, making the look your are going for so unique. Another exciting fact about this collection is that it’s the first line that wellDunn has made entirely with premium quality materials. In fact, all gold and silver chains are now in stainless steel, which means they will never oxidate and will stay beautiful forever. Also, some pieces in the collection have true silver as well as 24K gold plating, which is a new addition for the company.

We had the chance to look at all the pieces before the launch and we wanted to share with you our personal favorites.

Just’s Faves



I am totally in love with  Delhi and  Liane necklaces. Delhi is a very boho piece that can spice up any outfit. I love the layers of  Liane and it is so easy to put on in the morning looking  like you spent a lot of time styling more than on piece. I would style it with a flowy button up or a deep V shirt to show off the longer piece of this necklace.

Kath’s Faves


After browsing through the collection, I have come to the conclusion that my favorite pieces are the Moore and the Beckel necklaces. I really like that the beads used on the first one are all different. It is quite subtil but makes this two-layers choker really unique and fun. I also really like the Beckel one, since it is pretty original, starting as choker and developing into four layers with cute charms on the ends. I think it would be really cute styled with a solid coloured sweater!

Go check out their new collection now! http://itswelldunn.com/fr/collection-folk/

Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Instagram @WellDunn

Hope you enjoyed,


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