Summer Beauty Favorites

Hi guys,

For today’s post we figured it was time to present you our second beauty related article! It has been a really long time since we haven’t done one so here is the makeup we used and absolutely loved this summer .

Kath’s Faves 

Laura Mercier Setting powder in TranslucentThis powder is just amazing. I have been hearing about it for a while but never went and made the splurge until two weeks ago. Since then, I can’t go a day wearing makeup without doing a light baking everywhere I put my concealer. I then use the remaining powder all over my face and swipe the excess off after a few minutes. It keeps my under-eye concealer in place all day and gives it a flawless finish I adore. It also really keeps my face matte, which is something I have been looking for in a powder for a long time. I totally recommend this product to you guys, it is so worth it!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft BrownI also recently bought this classic, wondering what it could have more than a regular Maybelline eyebrow pencil. I wanted to understand the hype, so I went into it with a lot of expectations. I have been using it for a while now and I can tell you it is also a really great product. The pencil is thin, precise and the product goes on smoothly, which makes filling your eyebrows an easy task, which is something I love!


ColourPop Highlighter in Dream Catcher

I really like this product for its consistency that is in-between a cream and a powder highlighter. It makes it so easy to blend and also gives it a really great pigmentation. The color is also my favorite to highlight on my skin tone since it is more on the golden side, perfect to achieve a great sun kissed look.



Just’s Faves 

Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Light: This concealer is one of my go to especially in the summertime. Because it is so hot outside I like to keep my makeup as light as possible and often I will skip foundation and go straight to concealer. I apply it under my eyes and on my problem areas. I found that it rarely creases on me and that it lasts all day. No need to wonder all day about your concealer looking good with that Fit Me one !


L’Oreal Tru Match Lumi in Golden: This liquid highlighter is becoming one of my favorites! Not only because it gives you a fresh, healthy and golden glow but also because it is so versatile. You can mix it with your foundation for an all-over glowy look, under your foundation for a more subtle glow or apply it on top on your foundation on the high point on your face for a more intense and precise glow. I like to apply it on top of my foundation with a beauty sponge. I sometimes top it off with a powder highlight for a more intense glow.



ColourPop and Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks in Dohe and Craft: These are two of my favorite brand of liquid lipstick. They offer a really smooth and long lasting formula that doesn’t dry out the lips too much. I especially appreciated these two colour during summer when I wanted to add a little something to my looks.




Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Vintage: I am not a lip gloss lover normally but I can do an exception for this one ! This lip gloss is REALLY pigmented and the texture is not sticky (why I hate lipgloss) and it stays on the lip for a good period of time. This gloss was my go to for more natural days. I really want to own more of those !





2 thoughts on “Summer Beauty Favorites

  1. Your pictures look really great and this post is well-written as well. I definitely enjoy reading through your favorites. I’ve heard about a few of them from youtube bloggers. Great collection! 😃

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