Fall Lookbook

Are you ready for fall ? If not, here are some ideas you could use to get some inspiration from Monday to Sunday! We hope you enjoy !


kath foret 3

To shop the look:

Blouse \ H&M

Jeans \ Vero Moda

Boots \ Zara

Raincoat \ Zara


 just mur

just penchee

just col

Shop the look:

Turtleneck \ Zara

Ripped Jeans \ Vero Moda at Bestseller

Boots \ Urban Outfiters


 kath rue

kath romper 2

Shop the look:

Parka \ Zara

Romper \ Forever XVI

Boots \ Zara


just tout

just haut

just bas

Shop the look:

Poncho \ Topshop

Suede T-Shirt \ Vero Moda at Bestseller

Denim Skirt \ Urban Outfiters

Scarf \ Zara

Knee High Socks \ Simons

Boots \ Urban Outfiters

Rings \ Simons & Urban Outfiters

Friday – Daytime 

kath debout

kath assise

kath coté

To shop the look:

Flannel \ Forever XVI

Jeans \ American Eagle Outfiters

Sleeveless Vest \ H&M

Boots \ Zara

Tote Bag \ Forever XVI

Friday – Nighttime

just night

just hautt

just collier

Shop the look:

High Neckline Crop Top \ Urban Outfiters

Bralette \ Urban Outfiters

Trousers \ Zara

Boots \ Urban Outfiters

Necklace \ ASOS

Rings & Bracelet \ Simons

Lipstick \ Maybelline, Matte Collection, Lust For Blush 


 kath dehors

kath outfit

kath estrade

Shop the look:

Long-Sleeve Shirt \ Abercrombie & Fitch

Jeans \ American Eagle Outfiters

Coat \ Forever XVI

Running Shoes \ Nike

Scarf \ Garage


  just bad

just rit

just terre

Shop the look:

Blouse \ Urban Outfiters

Knit Cardigan \ Zara

Mom Jeans \ H&M

Slip-Ons \ Vans

See you soon ,

-K & J

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